Savings Bond Wizard

Exporting Wizard Inventory to Calculator

NOTE: If you previously exported an inventory of bonds from the Savings Bond Wizard to the Savings Bond Calculator and now your inventory file isn't working, see our solution.

The Savings Bond Wizard no longer is available. However, the Savings Bond Calculator offers some of the same features and you can export your bond inventory from the Wizard to the Calculator. See instructions below.

  1. Open your inventory in the Savings Bond Wizard application.


  3. Click on “File” and “Export,” and the following window will pop up.  Make sure “.htm” is selected as the file type.

  4. Name your file and save it to your desktop or create a folder for it.
  5. *Note: If you have current-income bonds, such as Series H or Series HH, they cannot be priced in the Calculator and you will receive the following message:

  6. Once you save the file, find the file and double-click it. 
  7. Your browser will open to a summary of your bonds stored in the Savings Bond Wizard.  Click the “GO TO SAVINGS BOND CALCULATOR” button to open the file within the Calculator.
  8. Note: If you experience problems with this step, try one of these options:

  9. Your full inventory will display in the Savings Bond Calculator.

  10. For more information and instructions concerning the Calculator, see "Savings Bond Calculator".